GreenSquare Estates

Castle Mead, Trowbridge

This page is for GreenSquare Estates customers at Castle Mead, Trowbridge.

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Site plan

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We manage all the green areas on the development as well as the swales, hedgerows, shrub beds, trees, footpaths and children's play areas. Fortnightly inspections of the play areas will take place to ensure they remain safe at all times.

Site plan


Service schedule

This table shows our guideline maintenance schedule and the frequency of our service.

Reference Works required Visits p.a.
Play areas (all year) Visual Inspection 26
Physical inspection 12
Third-party inspection 1
Boundary maintenance Ad-hoc
Sinking fund (replacement fund) Ad-hoc
Summer works (late March-October) Grass cutting and immediate litter pick 16
Shrub bed weedkiller application 4
Footpath weedkiller application 2
Bin emptying (twice weekly) 64
Site litter pick (monthly) 7
Trees (September-March) Arborist inspection 0.333
Responsive works Ad-hoc
Replacements 1
Hedgerows Cutting 1
Winter works (November-mid March) Bin emptying (weekly) 20
Site litter pick (monthly) 5
Sundry works as required Ad-hoc
Attenuation ponds and watercourse Strim to banks on ponds 1
Reed clearance at headwalls 0.333
Internal inspection 2
Responsive works Ad-hoc
External inspection 0.333
Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Annual payment 1

Completed works

Date Works
April Weekly bin emptying
April Fortnightly play area inspections
10/04/2020 Cut to pathway
11/04/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
24/04/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
26/04/2020 Full site litter pick
May Weekly bin emptying
May Fortnightly play area inspections
06/05/2020 Cut to pathway
07/05/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
14/05/2020 Weed and grass treatment
21/05/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
June Weekly bin emptying
June Fortnightly play area inspections
03/06/2020 Cut to pathway
04/06/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
08/06/2020 Shrub bed and border maintenance
16/06/2020 Woodland cut
18/06/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
22/06/2020 Weed and grass treatment
July Twice weekly bin emptying
July Fortnightly play area inspections
01/07/2020 Cut to pathway
02/07/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
16/07/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
22/07/2020 Repair to play equipment
23/07/2020 Weed and grass treatment
30/07/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
31/07/2020 Temporary path repair
August Twice weekly bin emptying
August Fortnightly play area inspections
13/08/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
17/08/2020 New play area sign
27/08/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
September Twice weekly bin emptying
September Fortnightly play area inspections
04/09/2020 Knee rail works
10/09/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
21/09/2020 Hedge cutting
24/09/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
30/09/2020 Tree survey
October Twice weekly bin emptying
October Fortnightly play area inspections
08/10/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
22/10/2020 Routine site cut and litter pick
24/10/2020 Cutting to pond boundaries
28/10/2020 Path repair
November Weekly bin emptying
November Fortnightly play area inspections
16/11/2020 Plant 42 x new trees
December Weekly bin emptying
December Fortnightly play area inspections
15/12/2020 Full site litter pick - Day 1
16/12/2020 Full site litter pick - Day 2
w/c 21/12/20 Concrete 22 x bollards
January Weekly bin emptying
January Fortnightly play area inspections
12/01/2021 Plant 12 x new trees
21/01/2021 Repair to vandalised bollards
February Weekly bin emptying
February Fortnightly play area inspections
10/02/2021 Full site tree survey

Estate rentcharge breakdown guideline

Works Breakdown (%age) Breakdown pa (£) Breakdown pm (£)
Play area inspections 4.25% £5.90 £0.49
Bins 3.34% £4.65 £0.39
Site litter pick 1.42% £1.97 £0.16
Grass and routine litter pick 18.19% £25.27 £2.11
Hedges 4.88% £6.78 £0.56
Weed control and shrub border maintenance 3.41% £4.74 £0.40
Ad-hoc works as required 10.70% £14.87 £1.24
Play area sinking funds 9.30% £12.92 £1.08
Site furniture sinking funds 2.79% £3.87 £0.32
Wiltshire Wildlife Trust annual payment 28.68% £39.84 £3.32
Management 13.04% £18.12 £1.51
Total 100.00% £138.94 £11.58


Estate rentcharge

The Estate rentcharge is a fixed fee that each homeowner pays towards the upkeep of the open spaces and associated features. Your first payment will be taken on legal completion, and thereafter annual invoice will be issued to you at the start of the following billing year (usually in March) and follows the schedule attached to your Plot Transfer Document TP1.

This charge is payable by all households and has been carefully calculated to maximise value for money and reflect the costs of the maintenance programme.

The Estate rentcharge can be paid by bank transfer, Direct Debit, over the phone, or by cheque, and we will contact you regarding the collection of this amount.

The Estate rentcharge ensures that the open spaces where you live are properly maintained and managed for the future, to optimise the enjoyment and use for all as the landscaping matures.

We will commence services on instruction by the developers, which will usually be prior to completion and occupation of all new homes on the development.

Payments can also be made by cash, cheque, BACS, or, our preferred option of, Direct Debit.