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GreenSquare Estates

At GreenSquare Estates, we have carefully developed a unique model for adopting and maintaining areas of open space, drainage features, and play areas. We have the capacity to deliver grounds maintenance services to schemes ranging from small rural exception sites to large-scale urban expansion schemes.

We provide a practical, best-value approach to a management company service, delivering a reliable, high-quality service for the future residents of a development site, providing consistency and continuity in the management solution in perpetuity.

We aim to make the process of adopting the open spaces from our developer partners as simple as possible and deliver the open spaces as cost-effectively as possible.

We want to enable the open spaces to be used quickly following installation and maintain them during the challenging construction period, and, following completion, providing a straightforward exit strategy for the developer.

We work with national house builders, regional developers, and affordable housing associations across our operating area across:

We are always looking to expand our geographical boundaries and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your new development outside of these areas.

We developed our model of working as a way to differentiation our services from our competitors, and believe we have nurtured and improved the service we offer since its inception. We are not looking for contracts requiring a resident led management company or purely a service charge mechanism because that is not our core strength.

Our model is adaptable for both single land transfers of the open spaces or a phased approach, whichever is most appropriate for the individual scheme. GreenSquare Estates takes the legal transfer of the freehold of the public open spaces land.

The estate Rentcharge has a fixed annual fee, plus an agreed indexation and highlighted fixed stepped increments, which will be agreed prior to the start of development.

A 20-year schedule is inserted into the TP1 Transfer document at the time of exchange with the intention that the schedule continues indefinitely, beyond the defined 20-year period. The estate Rentcharge model secures the maintenance services for the open spaces as a lifetime solution for the scheme.

GreenSquare cannot revise the annual cost to residents and this offers potential purchasers complete transparency of the future annual maintenance charge. The estate Rentcharge schedule is enshrined with the plot transfer TP1 document and is available during the sales period to further reassure future residents of the fixed nature of the charge.

We are happy to use the TP1 Land Transfer document prior to the first exchange on a scheme or a Deed of Covenant, which we have done at the Persimmon-led consortium scheme of 1000 units at West Witney.

We encourage one-to-one briefings for sales personnel to ensure they understand how the estate Rentcharge works in practise and to enable them to communicate the role of GreenSquare Estates accurately and effectively.

We welcome an opportunity to meet onsite staff and produce site-specific literature in the form of an A5 leaflet. This becomes available in the sales show homes and home information packs and details our company background and introduction, our responsibilities on site, contact numbers and email addresses for resident queries.